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PS4 to Facebook streaming: Twitch-to-Facebook app

Published 2020-01-31

Gameplay streaming becomes more and more popular, people each day watch multiple players on Twitch or YouTube. Lately Facebook tries to take its part in this trend, yet some platforms, like PS4, do not allow to stream directly using its mechanism. This application allows to restream contents from Twitch to Facebook, live.

twitch-to-facebook ps4 restreamer


  • First of all you need to download the application. You can get the binary release or if you do not trust me the source code and compile it yourself using Visual Studio 2019.


Source code on Github:

  • Run the application (if Windows tells you that it may contain a virus because I am not a trusted software provider ignore it OR just download the source code and compile yourself).

  • Now the tricky part: this simple app is basically just a wrapped over two other applications: streamlink and ffmpeg. Due to licensing reasons I am not distributing these dependencies bundled and you need to accept their licenses, download and install manually.

  • Start with Streamlink. Download the installer (press download in the app and follow the instructions), install it and then point to the executable using the set button. If you have done everything right you should get an OK info.

  • Next, download the FFMPEG app for your system. The procedure is exactly the same as with Streamlink.

  • Now input your Twitch username.

  • Input your Streaming key from facebook. In order to generate the key click the button to start a live stream on your facebook wall, click "Connect" instead of "Camera" and there you shall find your key.

  • On your PS4 start a stream to Twitch. Wait for about 10 seconds and press start in the application. And that is all!


  • Windows 7 64-bit or newer
  • NET Framework 3.5
  • Decent Internet connection
  • Computer capable of viewing Full HD videos


This app is given to you as a tool AS IS and without any warranty, you are responsible for any possible outcomes related to its operation. Application does not send any information about you apart from the actual stream.